How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress FREE – ONLINE STORE – 2018 NEW!!

Nayyar Shaikh

A Professional Blogger, YouTuber, Freelancer, WordPress enthusiast, Affiliate Marketer and Web Developer.

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  1. Do you have any Videos on Flatsome theme

      1. Please make one on Flatsome as I brought that one and would love to listen to you making an eCommerce site with Flatsome theme

  2. Can you make a video on flat some theme

  3. Also you are using paid themes alot can you use free themes because we want to learn before we buy try create a company website also

  4. Hello sir,
    I design my online multi vendor store using OceanWP woocommerce and Dokan, as per your guideline but recently i am having problem that Nobody can login from my account, Its accepting ID and PW but remains on same page(login Page) Cant login account. I can Login through wordpress but cant login through My-account. please solve this problem.

  5. Sir i buil a website on oceanwp theme but email not working in woocommerce. All settings done pls sir help me

  6. Can you do video to make video streaming site like YT using WordPress.

  7. Pls do video to make video hotel booking site using free theme and plugin

  8. Hi Nayyar,

    Am unable to download free images from this page i keep getting a (400. That’s an error.)

  9. Free Images & Layouts are Locked, Subscribe to Unlock
    Subscribe to My YouTube channel to Download Free Images, CSS Codes, Elementor & Divi Layouts & Much More!


  10. Search icon and cart icon showing like boxes, please help.

  11. sir plz plz help me mian jb home page ka bannar desgin karny k leye edit with elementry mia jata hu to mera bannar full screen mia nhi a raha jis k waja sa mia page desgin nhi kr pa raha mera bannar puri screen mia fit nhi araha right side pa ja raha hy kony mia jis ki waja sa mia home page desgin nhi kar pa raha sir plz reply mera kam ruka howa hy isse waja sa sir plz help me

    1. jb home page banany lago to side pe page attributes se Elementor Canvas select kro

  12. Not able to download the css files plzz upload the link.

  13. i have just subscribe your youtube channel but i cant see any download buttons of zip fine that you have shown in youtube videos about creating ecommerce worldpress website

  14. down load link not working

  15. Download Link Not Activated.

    Just showing the following text, instead of link.

    Images, CSS, Layouts etc. Download —> [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” icon=”fa-download” target=”true”]Download[/button]

  16. not found download button….plz help

  17. Trying to install downloaded bu rec’d The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found ?

  18. From where I will get all product image..

  19. bhai css kaha hai yrr btaa do bhai plzzz

  20. I subscribed to your channel from my two different accounts but I’m unable to download a file which you give us after subscribing the channel. What is the problem and how to fix it?

  21. i have installed all the plugins you said but products is not showing below the woocommerace and also woccommerce not showing cupons or just giving four otions

  22. NOT able to download show “Sorry, but you have not signed in. Please try again.” mgs plz mail me mail id –

  23. master are you a hacker what a fuck! we cant download anything is asking my gmail account to control by your site

  24. Don’t Subscribe his channel, he will steal your data for sure.

    1. Like you have some Billion Dollar data saved with you, that I wanna steal?

  25. haha. right he have it.. so cheap thinking J. Ahmed.

  26. I want you to create my start-up e-commerce website?
    Email me…

  27. sir, i subscribe your youtube channel but i didn’t got the link to download the image, css, layout link.
    please provide me the link.

    1. Me Too

  28. i want to create a matromony website with membership acccount without premium account user can see only images and contact details also hidden please make a video on that

  29. Hello Mr. Shaikh,

    I commend you on putting together a very nice blog, please continue your refinements, and the best of luck to you my friend.

    I have a question…

    I have been following this video, at the halfway point now, and I’m interested in knowing whether the AliDropShip plugin will break this theme. Since all is free, and there is a cost for this plugin, some of us want to know if we can set up dropshipping without having to buy the TechMarket.

    I realize it is your job is to maximize your affiliate links, but you’ve been so generous until now, let’s take it a step further and consider whether AliDropShip will work seamlessly with OceanWP/Store theme. If you know? You can PM me if you prefer.

    1. I think AliDropship will not break the theme and I am already working on a new DropShipping Tutorial with Free theme…

  30. I subscribed to your youtube channel but sill I cannot download images and css 🙁

  31. Your Video is awesome , I fellow and i can do it all but just in adding the plugin by downloading your image, saw image that look similar to what you told but in other Language, it is not in English , How can i fellow to the next step ? Thanks you !!!!

  32. subscribe button is not working ,, how to download locked images and css

  33. The JavaScript origin in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. I get this error when I try to dowload the zipped files for images and css

  34. Sir I’m Vineet maine appka video dekhar apne e-commerce website banaya wordpress use karke par Uske uppar wordpress ka footeer print or advertisement to how to remove it

  35. Hi Nayyar Shaikh, i have been watching for some time now. but i want you to make a video for a reseller hosting company. please the website should look just like HostGator’s website. Thank You

  36. Sir after installing woocommerce plugin elementor plugin is not working it is sating the preview could not be loaded we are sorry but something went wrong.please reply

  37. Hi there,
    Nayyar Shaikh
    My name is Shoaib khan I am form Aurangabad Maharashtra.
    how can I contact you personally..?
    I just need your help .. I just want to chat with you in private like WhatsApp.
    or I just simply want to meet you..
    Please help me..
    My Phone no is : 9595456653

  38. Hey bro I want to check that demo Website you have made in this tutorial that e-commerce one..

    And bro tell me how I can integrate a search bar in any WordPress theme like you can see in “Astra” we can simply create e-commerce site but only two problems are there payment method and search bar..

  39. Hi Do you have any videos of the woodmart theme? If no are you able to do one please?

  40. hello 😉 Thanks you for big support.
    I´m looking for the plugins, i don´t fond it:

    Essential Addons for Elementor

    Thanks you from Germany

  41. welldone sir, i didnt see any css file in my downloads, just the images

  42. hello sir please I need help with WordPress to become a professional I want you to be my mentor am from Cameroon, this is my WhatsApp number will love to talk to you

  43. Pls do video to make video hotel booking site using free theme and plugin

  44. can I change to any theme later other than oceanwp? If I change it will be a headache will migrating to new theme?



  47. Hi, great work. I really appeaciate the data you are providing through your site, i have alwasy find it helpful. Keep up the awsome work.

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  52. It was obvious to me she was doing it because she wanted to be noticed, but it was also obvious she wasn’t actually reading my posts. Her comments were ridiculously short and vague, like “great post” or “beautiful pictures.” I usually like to return the favor and comment back, so in her case I was very tempted to do it in the same manner she did.
    Great article, Kevin! It was recommended to my by a friend and I am very grateful to her for that. As I was reading your post, I remembered a blogger who started commenting on my blog a while ago. 

  53. Are you ready to get out there and write some awesome comments? 
    Good luck commenting ProBlogger, Carol Tice’s site, and others. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

  54. Well, even us ex-teachers (I used to teach high school) forget to ask questions sometimes, so no worries. 
    Well with that you’ve freed me up to comment on blogs where I really might be like “hmmm.”Thanks and I do know it helps so it will be a priority.

  55. Kevin, as a ex- professor you would think I would have thought of “asking a question.” Isn’t that what all good teachers say- “ask, as someone else very likely has the same question.” I guess from the article I only took away add in terms of “expertise.” But clearly a thoughtful question is worthwhile.
    Thanks for commenting, Viv. Hope this response of mine finds you doing well!

  56. Good luck commenting on other sites you enjoy! Problogger, Boost Blog Traffic, and Carol Tice’s are great ones. Feel free to give mine (Be A Better Blogger) a look as well.
    Who knows… Maybe other readers had been wondering the same thing, but were afraid to ask? Your asking would benefit them. 

  57. That’s understandable, but never be afraid to add to the conversation. Even if you’re unfamiliar with a topic, you can add to the conversation by asking a question.
    Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I hope this post helped many readers (and lit a fire under some of them)!

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