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Resources for Building The Perfect WordPress Website

Welcome to my resources page! Here I provide you with useful resources, tools, applications, and websites to help make your life easier. Whether it’s for web hosting, buying a domain name, setting up a WordPress blog, learning to code a website, starting an online business—it’s all here! I recommend adding this page to your bookmarks for convenient future reference.

1. Hostagtor Hosting Provider

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When I made my very first website about 7 years ago, I signed up with HostGator — and I’ve never looked back! Since then, I’ve built hundreds of websites with Hostgator as my only hosting provider. I recommend these guys to all of my clients, my students, my family and friends. If you’re looking to start your very first website, or are looking for a reliable hosting provider — look no further. Great customer service, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited GBs of space, an anytime money back guarantee and my favourite part: You can set up a blog website in minutes with 1-click WordPress Install. These guys are awesome! Get started with Hostgator.

1. Hostgator 60%Off — www.hostgator.com — Coupon Code: NAYYAR60

2. TmdHosting 7%Off — www.tmdhosting.com — Coupon Code: NAYYAR7

3. Divi (Elegant Themes) 10%off — www.elegantthemes.com

4. ThemeForest (Any Theme) — www.themeforest.com

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  1. Dear Brother
    First of all thanks for sharing the productive videos, I am trying electro them on my site but currently facing issue that my site show html code instead of content in static block.
    Appreciated your assistance to resolve this issue. Your response will be highly thankful and duly regarded.
    Furthermore can you share that how can we donate you so that you continue this great job.

  2. Hi Nayyar Shaikh

    I’ve subscribed to your channel and thanks for your helpful videos.

    I’d like to provide a list of useful Plugins for the creation of e-commerce websites and list of sources to learn from on how to use them.

    Thanks & regards

  3. How do I or where can I, get a U.S. business list for my Listingpro directory?

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