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About Nayyar Shaikh

A Professional Blogger, YouTuber, Freelancer, WordPress enthusiast, Affiliate Marketer and Web Developer.


  1. i need your downloaded files from themeforest on porto theme…kindly email it to me

  2. hi
    my name is keyvan and i buy a listpro theme this week
    i iwant change some of items and i use your video for this work
    and this is my first work with wordpress . i have a few qustions:
    1-How i can make a 3 language (persian,english and turkey) in listing pro theme and the user can swithch between them whenever wanted
    2 I am in turkey and which host and which specifications is best for me

  3. hello nayyar,

    i have problem with photo upload on wordpress, when i upload any photos on visual composer/single image, its did not uploading.

    can you please explain what’s that issue?

    thank you

  4. I would like to hire you to do a multi vendor e commerce website… what would be the quotation for it though with an additional local payment gateway.

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